Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Gaming characters like to keep their heads warm

Head gear keeps our noggins' warm, our bad hair-days a shameful secret and in some cases
make us look cool.

So here (in no particular order, because at the end of the day...it's hats & stuff) are some
gaming characters wearing things on their head. I wanted to make a list of characterswearing s
tuff on their elbows, but apparently no one gives a shit if you catch pneumonia from
having chilly elbows..

Solid Snake's dirty rag cloth
Just because you roam about dirty vent ducts and scramble in muddy forests, doesn’t mean
you have to wear manky piece of cloth snake.

Dovakhin's standard cool helmet, despite not being great stat wise

I wanted this helmet so bad, I stole it from a nice blacksmith in Riverwood. Then as time went on I
realised it wasn’t worth it…plus I had come across 435 of them in scattered across the world
in under 6 minutes.

Link's green cap he stole off a washer-woman

Before hipsters decided to wear hats, that barely covered their heads and would have made better
tea-cosy’s came Link. Only he worked it better.

Shepards groovy Dragon Age Helmet, thats weight must ached his/her neck like a motha.

A knight in space? Too crazy a concept!

Mario's red cap.
For a hat that’s so damn big you think he could have fit his whole name on it.

Marcus Fenix bandana
This is a serious thing I’m about to say – I can’t tell if Fenix looks better with or without the bandana.
This plagues my every waking thought.

Ryu bloodied rag cloth this time
Ryu took Snake’s spare cloth rag and dipped it in raspberry jam

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