Sunday, 20 October 2013

I Dream of Malachor

In 2003 Bioware released a game called the Knights of the Old Republic. It came out of the blue for me. I'd never heard about it before I saw it on the shelve of a local video/game renting shop in town. A friend of mine had rented it, finished it and told me I'd probably enjoy it. So I gave it a go, rented the game for three nights and that's how my story of fanatically crazy love for the Kotor franchise begins. 


I remember playing the game for 3 days and nights (almost) straight, I remember telling my folks that I wanted it badly for Christmas which was just around the corner and I remember spending all of Christmas and every day after glued to the little television in my room, playing the game, loving every moment of it and realising that for the final battle, it was wise to purchase every damn medpac you could afford. 

KOTOR was an amazing game, with vivid worlds, characters you came to love and a steady reliable ship, the Ebon Hawk that would become your mobile home in the stars. Your character united with others to stop the threat posed by the Dark Lord Malak and on your journey, you would make or break new friendships, form relationships and love and find out your true destiny and that you were the once fear Darth Revan. 

Knights of the Old Republic had a sequel made by Obsidian, call KOTOR II: The Sith Lords, the took place after the events of the 1st game and focused on the story of the unnamed (in the games) character of the Exile. An ally of Revan in the war against the Mandalorians who had done the seemingly impossible and severed herself from the Force. She met Kreia, a mysterious woman who later turned out to be not only one of Revan's formers mentors, but one of the three Sith Lords who had sought to purge the galaxy of the remaining Jedi. 


Like the 1st game KOTOR II introduced us to characters with important evolving stories and intriguing pasts, all woven together by the force and the connection between the unknown and Revan and driven by their own personal needs and the greater story. 

We were never promised a climatic sequel to cap of the stories that KOTOR had introduced us too. Bioware had given the reigns to Obsidian and Obsidian never seemed to mention anything pertaining to the Kotorverse ever since, setting their sights on other games, of a similar feel though (Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas). But I remember when I thought that Bioware might possibly give me and what so many other fans of the series had wanted for such a long time. I remember hearing words that Bioware were going to announce a project of theirs that was related to the Star Wars universe. I had hoped that it would be a KOTOR III but deep down I knew it would be. Instead what they announced was Star Wars: The Old Republic. Dropping only the 'Knights' and adding disappointment in my heart. 

I had assumed that for all intents and purposes the story of the Ebon Hawks crew from both games was not going to be wrapped up, least not in game format for some time. Later on we got some comic books that would guest star characters from the two games, the a book came out entitled Revan, which told of what happened to him after the battle on the Starforge, and the defeat of Malak. I purchased the book and was hoping that though it wasn't how I dreamt of the final chapters of the story ending, that the pages within would provide some sort of closure for me. They did not. Revan's story did not end within his own book, it crossed over to an appearance in the MMO The Old Republic and even then Revan was once more left with an ambiguous ending, no one knowing where he had gone or if he was still alive. 

To me my dreams of a third game were now completely dashed. They had decided to use other mediums to canonically end his tale and those of the other characters I had spent time engaging, playing with and reading up on. To me this wasn't good enough. Their story, their conclusions deserved, nay demanded a third Knights of the Old Republic game. They deserved an entire disc or two full of content to properly explain where Revan and the Exile had gone, in to the dark unknown regions of space and what they confronted and what become of their companions who had faced death several times over by their side. 

These guys! They deserved more! 

I never understood personally why neither Obsidian nor Bioware didn't decide to wrap up the story in game format, to give it their all. I realise other projects took precedent but in reality the fan base is still there, quite strong, quite large, from a marketing point of view a company that invested time into a great KOTOR III would have made a nice profit, especially as we live in the age of DLC everywhere for all the monies. I doubt I will ever see a Knights of the Old Republic III and have my favourite games ever be nicely concluded as a trilogy, but a girl can still dream. 

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