Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lost Planet 3 Preview Event

Members of the press were invited to attend a Lost Planet 3 event, which offered both single player and multiplayer runs. The first floor of the building being multiplayer land and downstairs, in the serenely lit Space Odyssey quarters, was the single player domain.

As for the game itself, I have very little negative points to make about it. Three campaigns levels exist, but we were instructed to stick to the first one, entitled Bishops Wake.

Immediately I was struck by the crisp impressive visuals of the game. Facial animations react in a manner that actually conveys the emotions that run alongside what we hear from the characters, though now and again lip movement was quite stiff. The voice acting adds a lot of charm to the already interesting dialogue, which is always a great bonus in a game as having voice actors who just don't seem that interested in the project can hamper scenes and vibes. Gale, the mechanic you meet at the base, is likable almost instantly, though I can't help but picture Mort from Family Guy's son every time he speaks.

Sound is effectively used in the game, with an somewhat haunting score playing in the background as your traverse through the heartless ice-scapes fending off vicious bulbous attacks.
lp3 pew
You are given a pistol from the get go, which has unlimited ammo. It's quite effective, at least against the early enemies you face, with aiming and triggering being smooth and quick to operate. A shotgun is available later on in the campaign as you reach HQ and purchase from the store. I thought that it was quite fun to use and took out enemies easily, but it didn't have a greater advantage overall in comparison to the pistol. I assume this is is due to the level of the initial enemy creatures you face and that later on in the game, as it gets tougher, the shotgun would become more potent.

The mech rigs you operate in this game are a lot of fun and quite beastly too, aiding you not only in comfortable movement, but bashing obstructions out of your way - the large drill in particular making me feel like I was a giant Big Daddy. I can only imagine how much fun it would be in fully fleshed combat and throughout the rest of the game.
Lp3 pew

Game-play also consists of QuickTime events and mini games where you might have to repair something (as you are an engineer) , by doing that old Batman Arkham City/007: Legends trick of tuning frequencies by rotating your analog sticks to sync up. I'm sorry, I just realised I spoke about 007:Legends, I shouldn't besmirch this article and this cool game (get it?) by mentioning that.

To flesh out the world around you audio and text logs can be collected through out various locations. Multiplayer was quite fun, fluid and the grappling hook that you're given is a useful, fun means of traversing and getting the drop on opposing forces.

Overall, I can safely say that the event highlighted that Lost Planet 3 is shaping up to be quite an enjoyable, immersive game and going against the grain of the 'rule of 3', being detrimental to a gaming series. I am definitely looking forward to get my hands on the full game when it comes out -- and with that remember -

"Stay happy, stay warm"

• Developer: Spark Unlimited
• Publisher: Capcom
• Reviewed on: Xbox 360
• Also Available On: PlayStation 3, PC
• Release Date:August 27, 2013 (US) / August 30, 2013 (Europe)

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