Monday, 19 August 2013

5 Games to played when you're Depressed

Duke Nukem 3D

This game is a classic 3D shooter and sometimes when you're down in the dumps, doing something somewhat mindless, with a very forced pinch of thought, is just what the pixel doctor ordered.

People talk about how Goldeneye is one of the greatest first person shooters ever and yeah it's really fun, but it's aged quite terribly. Duke Nukem 3D however is still very playable and the graphics, for some gritty reason, don't annoy people that much. In fact when the HD versions of the game came out, a lot of people, myself included didn't really enjoy the look of it and so went back to the original edition of the game.

Shooting pig-cops, spewing ridiculous one liners, pressing the spacebar to get a look at tasselled boobies and firing RPG's all over the place whilst downing steroids. Now that's a videogame to help you stop giving a damn for a little while.

Pokémon Silver

Pokémon Silver is my favourite of all the handheld Pokémon games and while any could apply to this list, I'm going to stick with this. When you're feeling depressed, having the willpower or desire to do anything other than sink low and stay stagnant can be very hard.

You need a game that offers a bit of variety, a colourful palette with cute creatures and some cool 8bit music. If you throw in some story, some grinding that ends up becoming an enjoyable fixation as you make your party grow more powerful, then you've got a game that helps occupy your time, without being something that requires deep meaningful commitments, but still provides you with substance.


Fed up of serious games, where game play is nothing more than roaming around hoping to unlock the mysteries of nothing but invent your own entertainment? Sick of the same old brown and grey shooters clogging up your shelf?

Feeling really down in the dumps and needed something that demands your fingers complete attention, won't patronise or punish you, offers random homage varieties of game play and to top it all of, introduce a character that talks TO you and provides you with funny scenes and batshit plans?

Then I'll leave this here

Left 4 Dead

One of the biggest bummers that accompanies depression, is the feeling of loneliness. Gaming can bring people together and one of the best games for doing this is Left 4 Dead. You can play this with friends you already know or you can play it and make more friends.

Help each other out, be helped and have your back covered as you and 3 other players try to survive from one safe house to the next. It's crazy, it's frantic, it's bloody and it's all about teamwork. When you think that you're all alone, being part of a team where the goal is mutual and the hacking of overweight smelly zombies is tag teamed can brighten up your evening!


This is a fairly new game that is available currently on steam and one of the best times and privilege I had this year as a gamer and a budding, unpaid ho-journalist was reviewing and playing this game.

I did a review that tells you more about the game and you can watch it here:

But the main reason I picked this game, as an aid for those horrible days when depression is being a complete douche, is because this games isn't just beautifully lush and vibrant, stocked with lovable characters and really fun, interactive game the music man, the beats.

I haven't played a game before where the music was this integral and symbiotic to not only the game but to the player. I found myself bopping along, moving different parts of my body while playing the game, even when traversing tricky obstacles. There's something about it, something that really makes you smile, even when you think that today is the day of no smiles. If you feeling blue, then this blue guy will help perk you up a bit. 

Plus all the shoulder bopping I've done whilst playing this game has given me some buff shoulders!


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