Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pixel Roundup

Here's a round up of articles, blurbs and videos I've put up recently, neatly bundled in one place for you to click, like, share and hopefully enjoy!

Write ups
Taking Gaming Too Personally

An article inspired by some recent shameful events occurring within the gaming industry and primarily when fans start lashing out at individuals for no good reason.

Pokémon Evolution: Ethics in a fictional world

Have you ever pondered the moral implications of your actions in Pokémon? Well even if you haven't I did it for you.

Death of the Arcade

I take a look back at fond memories of arcade nostalgia and look at reasons why Arcade is nothing but lore now.

My week of breaking all the Games 

It was a bad week for gaming, in terms of actually get games to not laugh in my face and then explode in a pitiful spew of fail. Here's a bunch of videos that can help you alaugh at my misfortune easily!



Top 5 Games to play when you're feeling depressed


Ducktales Remastered Review

I play the spooky Slender: The Arrival


As always I appreciate everyone who reads, comments, watches and shares anything I do, you brave crazy people. Please continue to do so as it's the only way I can become a Super Saiyan 3 tier journalist and produce better, more varied content to please a wide array of humanoids and pixies.
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