Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pixel Catch Up

I write a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. Most of it isn't contained to one website either. A lot of works are on my original start up site Glowbear Ramblings. Some are over at Destructoid and peppered amongst other websites.

Some of my recent pride-filled articles and reviews can be found at Big Red Barrel, a leading gaming website in the United Kingdom that is becoming quite a known, awesome reputable company in itself.

Some favourites are:

The Lull of Video Game Voice Actors - is about my love of the voices behind some beloved characters in gaming and the versatility they give to the story games convey as well.

Why Horror Franchises Get Less Scary With Sequels - focuses on exactly that, the question of whether the more a series curns out, the less the initial horror that was primary in it, remains scary.

Interview with Beatbuddy Team at Rezzed - My first video inteview with a gaming developer...though that may be pretty obvious from the content

A tweet of mine always was featured on Gameopolis News Section

Don't forget that our weekly (mostly) podcast focusing on gaming news, scandals and horror genre stuff, can be found at the following:

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As always, any comments, shares, reposts and messages are always greatly appreciated and go a long way to helping me and other freelance gaming journalists get out their and do something they love.

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