Sunday, 23 June 2013

Thunderbirds Games Gallery

Thunderbirds is one of the greatest shows to ever be made. Fact!

It was created by Gerry Anderson and was ahead of it's time in terms of the detail, sophistication and talent used in what was essentially a childrens show. But due to the fact that the show never treated it's young audience like idiots, it included espionage, humour and technical/scientific detail that older audiences could enjoy as well. Below are nearly all the games ever released under the Thunderbirds title. Now most are unheard of, due to their own obscurity and most are actually pretty low standard in terms of gameplay. Nevertheless...Thunderbirds games through the ages! 

48k ZX Spectrum Vintage Cassette Game

 Thunderbirds Gameboy Colour

Grandslam handheld Thunderbirds games.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Grandslam THUNDERBIRD

Thunderbirds PS2

Thunderbirds International Rescue


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