Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Xbox One was a bit of a letdown eh?

I suppose it's best to get this over with.....

Xbox One was revealed on the 21st May and well I don't think any of us were really expecting anything spectacular. A lot of people were hoping for some really positive news and maybe some pleasant surprises, but I don't think many of us got that. Least that's what my twitter feed is backing up. Twitter was throbbing with sarcastic posts, pessimistic outlooks and that was before the show even begun.

The reveal was quite bland, which is also an adequate description of the new Xbox console itself.
It looks like the slightly more handsome brother of an old VCR from back in the day.

The show itself was a platform for wooing us with the wonders of being able to watch television.Seriously that's primarily what it felt like. More emphasis was put on being able to have multiple screens activated, which had different functions and you didn't have to even use the controller. The magic of Kinect and your ability to flare your arms like a graceful stage-wizard would do the job for you. The controller isn't that much different from what we currently have. They've noted Sony's "if's it ain't broke don't fix it" approach and evolved some simple curvy aesthetics on the controller.

Unfortunately it seems as if the most exciting aspect of the entire show was indeed the controller, which took a back seat to the constant reiteration of motion controlled executions and television related placements.

Now I know what you're all wondering - this is a gaming console right? What news of games be there?
The answer is, very little. We got a boring piece dedicated to the same sports games we've put up with for years, we got a quick look at a new IP called Quantum Break
...and that's about it. The ironic thing is, before any mention of games finally occured, it was announced that there would be a handful of new franchises awaiting us and we never got to find out what they were. Instead we got Halo news, Madden snooze-fest and some boring hairy armed dog related nonsense about a game we all know is coming and is being advertised in shops anyway.

I had truly hoped that we'd see some innovation announced at this event, but alas no. It was essentially a show about a box that integrates technology we use anyway and a lot of people like to have seperated from each other. This was not a reveal intended for gamers, interested in a gaming console.
Part of me was rooting for Xbox to show they weren't blind to the deaf (an odd sentence I admit but hang in there). The Kinect is being wasted for redundant interaction when it could be used to truly intergrate members of the gaming commnuity who may have difficulties physically or mentally. With regards to a specific area, the Kinect would be perfect if utilised with sign language abilities for the deaf community, as well as other easy to implement (if you cared) ideas. But I'll save my etrapolated thoughts on that for another blog. I have begun to exercise my thoughts here.

In short, this image sums up the entire antcipated reveal and just how exciting it really was, quite well.
We can only hope, that E3 and the near future holds some hope and gives us a reason to actually want this console. I have always been an Xbox girl, it's been more aesthetically pleasing to me and offered me games I truly fell for and immersed myself in. But at the moment, I think I can see myself for the first time ever, shifting over to the Playstation Dark Side.

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