Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Damsel Flagging: Feminist Frequency V Youtubers

A few weeks ago I wrote about the entitlement and blind shortsightedness that was running rampant, especially within gaming and instigated by the Chloe Sagal and Allistair Pinsof scandal. So called a scandal, because of the actions those not even related or involved.

I bring this up because I see some vague parallels between what went on with that fiasco and the recent display of ridiculous basement dwelling flagging of Anita Sarkeesian's Tropes Vs Women series on Youtube. Now I am not a fan of Sarkeesian, but that doesn't mean I abhor her or her opinions. I just have no strong feelings regarding the individual. I don't agree with many of her points, but at the same time a lot of her points are well executed in terms of presentation and they aren't wrong. I mean when she says there's a lot of common trends that follow female character depiction in games, such as how many games have you star as a man who's wife is killed and you must save your daughter, she's right. There are a lot and not only is it repetitive but it is somewhat worrying.

But while her videos are executed in a professional, though somewhat wooden, manner, some topics by Sarkeesian seem to be stretching it a bit. It's a sort of faux-martyr syndrome. That we are subjected to so much degradation, that we can't differentiate between between what's actually a problem and what simply isn't. Political correctness is no something I oppose, because at the end of the day, not saying certain things won't kill you. But there is such a thing as going too far and restricting so much that conversation and viewpoints becomes emotionless and you are leaving a dilemma in a futile stagnant state.

One issue I have with Sarkeesian, is regarding the space of time between her videos, primarily the videos that a lot of people gave actual money towards funding, via her Kickstarter. People lost their mind over her Damsel in Distress Kickstarter, completely forgetting that it has nothing to do with their lives. If strangers want to give their money to something they personally support, then let them be, it's none of your business. Even if you find Sarkeesian to be more of a plight than an aid, to the sexism issues facing gaming today, she is not the worst. Her opinions might not always be expressed in a correct manner, such as the mix reviews towards her description of Bayonetta, but there are other people that are seriously spreading dangerous mindsets and blood-baying requests. Sarkeesian isn't doing that and if she is, she's adding some textbook PowerPoint eloquence to it.

So when Sarkeesian finally brings out the next video in her publicly funded series, within moments what is the first thing that happens? A bunch of people with nothing better to do with their time and who can't handle opinions that conflict their own flagged it so much that Youtube took it down. As of this morning (29th May), Feminist Frequency have managed to sort out the error and get the video back online where it can be viewed here.

I'm not going to review the episode, but the what the flaggers did was pathetic and pointless. It goes to show just how irate people get when something scares them or something gets notice that disagrees with their thinking's. But then sometimes, a lot of people go crazy without actually adhering to the rage they're displaying. It's just to be a nuisance and fit in with a crowd. A crowd of lonely losers. If you have no real reason to back your 'sheer outrage' at someones video, then it will more than likely be vindicated and allowed back on. You wasted your time and you know what else you did, you garnished pity and more followers towards the person you detest so much. Even if her opinions are this or that, at least this individual is attempting to project them in a constructive manner and seems to actually put genuine effort into the videos, whether her allegations is 100% accurate or not.

The past year or so has been littered with damning stories pertaining to the gaming industry and community, a lot of it is to do with some form of hate. A lot of that hate is centered on sexual inequality and flaggers, screamers and arrogant people are only adding fuel to the flame, turning what should be creatively and mindfully correct and bettered, in to one giant flaming ball of ugliness. Gaming is a hobby, for everyone who wants to partake. 

Alienation and entitlement should be left aside or at least formed into a less redundant, aggressive, closed minded trait.

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